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Beijing Bianhua Electrochemical Analysis Instrument Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, production, sales, and service of chemical analysis instruments. The company has an industrial base covering nearly 20000 square meters and is a domestic injection research institute enterprise.

Beijing Bianhuadian was established in 1992 based on the Huadian Chemical Analysis Instrument Research Institute in Haidian District, Beijing, with a registered capital of 25 million yuan. After decades of professional and in-depth cultivation, it has grown from a few people at the beginning to over a hundred people now. The research personnel of the Huadian Research Institute under the company are all experts in the development of analytical instruments, and currently holds about ten national patents.

Beijing Bianhuadian takes technological innovation as its leader, with reliable quality, drawing on the strengths of others, constantly innovating, and successfully paving the way for the development of national industry by introducing, digesting, innovating, and surpassing. To make due contributions to the technical supervision of thermal power plants, metallurgy, petrochemicals, coal chemical industry, food hygiene, environmental water treatment and other fields in China, and to serve you wholeheartedly.

  • 1992

    Beijing Huadian was established

  • 20000

    An industrial base

  • 10000+

    Accumulated users

  • 20+

    Spread throughout the country

Corporate culture

Quality policy

Quality first, perfect management, prevention as the main focus, and customer first

Quality concept

The most refined and highest standard

Work style

Rigorous, timely, advanced, and reliable

Corporate style

Dare to try and pursue perfection


Employing people without doubt, learning from each other s strengths and weaknesses, and making full use of their talents

service idea

Users will always be our God

Corporate atmosphere

Harmony, pragmatism, gratitude, inclusiveness

Corporate slogan

Diligent You and My Soaring Huadian

enterprise spirit

Unity, innovation, dedication, and dedication

Code of Conduct

Mutual care, mutual assistance, polite treatment towards others, and common progress

Value concept

Grateful forever

Idea of development

Harmonious development, healthy development, and comprehensive development


  • 2019

    Obtained the Quality Management System ISO9001/Environmental Management System ISO14001/Occupational Health and Safety Management System OHSAS18001 certificate in 2019.

    Obtained the National Information Technology Enterprise Certificate in 2019.

    In 2019, it won the certificate of exemplary organization of management innovation in China

    In 2019, it was awarded the top ten competitive integrity brands in China (Industrial Manufacturing).

    In 2019, we obtained multiple utility model patent certificates, including multi-channel sodium ion monitoring instrument, online sodium meter, heating device for denitration ammonia pipeline, sodium ion analyzer, ammonia split detection system, and ammonia detection system.

  • 2018

    Obtained the certificate of recommended brand selection for power plant chemistry in 2018.

    Obtained the Zhongguancun High tech Industry Certificate in 2018.

  • 2017

    Successfully developed an online conductivity meter and pH monitor with self-cleaning function for environmental desulfurization and denitrification.

    Successfully developed an online turbidity instrument with self-cleaning and automatic calibration functions for monitoring sewage and circulating water for environmental protection

  • 2016

    In 2016, the electrode type handheld HD-9533D desktop and online multifunctional water quality monitoring instrument was successfully developed. Implement separate or simultaneous measurements of parameters such as Con, pH, Do, TDS, ORP, and Pna.

    Successfully won the bid for steam and water sampling devices and all online chemical instruments in approximately 8 power plants of Everbright Environmental Protection Group.


Quality first, Improve management, Prevention oriented, User First

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